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Bureau Katterl (also known as Collective Katterl) is a firm with activities in the field of advisory and consulting. We are from Europe for the Middle East & Africa. In our role as generalists, we create and develop, initiate, mediate and represent, coordinate, organize and supervise for and on behalf of our clients and customers.

We are part of a network of advisors and consultants, experts and specialists. Bureau Katterl promotes and supports individual and corporate, private and public stakeholders across a wide range of industries in the Middle East & Africa.

Bureau Katterl lives the values of ingenuity, independence, integrity, intelligence and innovation. We promote and support the Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

Credentials & Experience
We collaborate and cooperate with seasoned partners, officers and advisors with years of experience in advisory and consulting, banking and financial administration for individual and corporate, private and public stakeholders in various countries on different continents.

Business Life Cycle
Bureau Katterl promotes and supports clients and customers in all phases of a business life cycle and develops technically feasible, commercially viable and desired solutions.

Our clients and customers have aims and intentions in various industries, such as water, food, energy, healthcare, resources (e.g. primary and secondary raw materials, etc.), manufacturing (e.g. construction materials, consumer goods, industrial products, etc.), information technologies, media and telecommunication among other sectors.

The products and services of Bureau Katterl are customized, distinct and individual and depend on the requirements of the clients and customers as well as the maturity of a business or project in relation to the lifecycle. We focus on the preparation, formation, expansion and transition.

• Primary & secondary market research
• Potential evaluation, assessment and analysis
• Estimations, forecasts & projections
• Business model development and innovation
• Business plan or feasibility study
• Business and corporate strategy
• Due diligence (CDD & EDD)
• Project, program and product development
• Project, program and product management
• Initiation, mediation & representation
• Business development
• Organizational structuring & re-structuring
• Operational structuring & re-structuring
• Process engineering & re-engineering
• Policies and procedures

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