Employment, Residence, and Sponsorship Requirements for British Nationals in Qatar – part 1

If you have been planning to move to Qatar alone or with your family, it is extremely important for you to understand the employment, residence, and family sponsorship requirements. Understanding the pre-requisites and legal procedures will save your time and efforts providing you with plenty of time to concentrate on your career goals.

If you are a British National, you must go through the following information before moving to the beautiful state of Qatar:

If you’re looking for Employment Info: British Nationals must recognize their UK educational qualifications and also the documents of legislation process for Qatar. Legalize your documents by UK legislation Office in order to use them in Qatar, next by the Qatar Embassy in London then by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Doha, and finally, take the attested documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the attestation.

If you’re looking for Residence Info:

1. Exit Permit: Residents living in Qatar under their family members sponsorship, excluding wives and children, are required to acquire an exit permit (single or multiple – multiple exit permit validity is one year) in order to leave Qatar. The process can be done in person or online via Ministry of Interior self-service machine. The Exit Permits for British passport holders will only be issued by the Ministry of Interior.

2. Work/Residence Permit: A residence permit to live and work in Qatar is mandatory for expatriates for which they need to have an employment contract. The paperwork is handled by the sponsor for the residence permit and the expatriate can’t leave Qatar during the visa-to-permit process.

3. Employment Transfer: Previous employer permission and Ministry of Interior approval complete the employment transfer process in Qatar. British Nationals can be redirected by the British embassy for the assistance from Committee of Human Rights or Labour Dispute Department whereas the final resolution will be given by Qatar’s legal system and parties involved. To avoid any unfavorable situation, a release letter from your employer is compulsory.

4. Women Work Permit: Women on family sponsorship may get registered without acquiring a separate work permit. For registration, Ministry of Interior Labour Department assistance is required.

If you’re looking for Sponsorship info:

A male expatriate earning QR 10,000 can sponsor family members including wife, children, stepchildren, and dependent parents only. It is mandatory for the sponsor to have a residence visa before applying for the family members’ sponsorship.

1. Sponsoring your Wife: In order to sponsor your wife, you must have an application form from your employer, passport with original entry permit stamp, photographs, medical clearance certificate (original), husband’s employment contract copy, monthly salary slip by the employer, and legalized marriage certificate. An attested marriage certificate will be required by the Qatari authorities of a British National. The certificate is attested by Legislation Office of Foreign and Commonwealth Office, by the Qatari Embassy in London, and then will be shared with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar.

2. Sponsoring your Children: There’s no age limit for the sponsorship of unmarried daughters whereas sons’ age limit is 25. The documents required are same as for the wife sponsorship along with legalized child’s birth certificate. A British birth certificate must be attested by similar authorities from where a marriage certificate will be attested (See Wife Sponsorship). A British child born in any other country with registered birth at the respective country’s embassy and also having a British birth registration certificate should attest the certificate before its submission. The birth certificate will be legalized by the birth country in case the British Birth registration is missing.

3. Sponsoring your Stepchildren: The Immigration authorities handle each stepchildren sponsorship case on the basis of its type. The documents listed for wife sponsorship are mandatory for the sponsorship of stepchildren. Moreover, the biological father must provide a NO objection letter for the child’s sponsorship. On the other hand, a biological parent death certificate will be required in the case that the father is deceased. A UK issued death certificate will be attested by the similar authorities from where marriage certificate is attested. In the case of mother and father separation, the father must declare his agreement on moving the child to Qatar clearly in the UK before a notary public which will then be attested by the FCO and Qatar Embassy in London. In the case of no legal declaration from the biological father, the mother will declare taking sole responsibility for the child to Qatari authorities or stepfather may have to provide a declaration of supporting the child for residency in Qatar.

4. Sponsoring a Female: A wife earning QR 10,000 and not less along with a residence permit for specific professions can sponsor her children and husband. She must submit the same documents listed above. Single mothers must also provide the same documents listed under children sponsorship and in certain cases, the documents listed under stepchildren sponsorship may also be required by Qatar authorities.

This is a general guide for those who are unaware of the rules and regulations of employment, residence, and sponsorship in Qatar. This information is shared with the embassy by the local Qatar authorities and is subject to change. Read and share the information to assist others who wish to work in Qatar!

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