How Online Marketing can Benefit Businesses in Qatar!

In today’s competitive world where information is available at your fingertips, having an online presence is mandatory for a brand for its broader reach and awareness. Business establishments offering online marketing services to their customers in the beautiful country of Qatar have witnessed an elevated growth in the past few years, according to a report by The Ministry of Transport and Communications. Excelling in the field of information technology can be a stepping stone towards the diversification of Qatar’s economy.

Business establishments in Qatar have started depending on the vertical benefits Internet has been offering to the rest of the world as a result, the web presence of businesses in Qatar has doubled in 2015 from 20% to 39%. The evident progress of online activities such as, digital marketing, e-banking, social media presence of brands, and e-government and customer support services also give hope to the start-ups and mid-size businesses eager to build an online presence.

By marketing products and services online to the customers, business establishments have increased the percentage of internet activities from 27% to 42% in the year 2015. Businesses are inclined towards relying on the Internet services more than anything which clearly depicts the future of online marketing and activities in Qatar. They have benefited immensely from information and communication technology as it has opened numerous doors of business expansion into new geographies. Hence, businesses can now connect directly with the customers to understand their preferences and demands.

Qatar government efforts to bring improvement in ICT infrastructure in the future can be a huge contribution in enhancing country’s economy. ICT enterprises consider Qatar government as a chief contributor to the growth of ICT industry as with governments support to ICT projects in the past years have benefited the industry greatly.

Having an online presence in this fast-paced world helps businesses to connect with the potential customers and vice-versa. This is the reason why large companies operating in Qatar have established their online presence whereas local companies have been showing a great interest in adopting the popular strategy.

According to a report by National Development Strategy; ‘Key economic sectors (must) use ICT innovatively and provide the people and businesses of Qatar with the skills and awareness needed to fully participate in the digital society.’ (Source:
/Qatar_NDS_reprint_complete_lowres_16May.pdf)This report gives a strong and positive message to all the businesses operating in Qatar who are willing to expand their online presence beyond the geographical boundaries.

Qatar ICT industry requires huge revenue to progress as only a great investment can flourish different sectors and help them meet new challenges. The future of ICT industry seems bright as with a great shift towards creating online presence businesses can now explore new growth opportunities for their brands and also for the people of Qatar from every sector and industry.

Considering the needs of startups and also the businesses establishments operating in Qatar, Business Start Up Qatar offers uninterrupted business solutions to the people of Qatar. Whether its development of a new website or handling social media pages, we ensure quality services in all areas. These services are directed towards enhancing the online presence of businesses that strive to gain brand awareness in the digital world.

Business Start Up Qatar has been playing a major role in contributing greatly towards the strong establishment of ICT industry in Qatar and it will continue to do so in the future.

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