Immigration and PRO Services Qatar

All companies in Qatar require PRO services, the services of a Government Liaison Officer.

A Government Liaison Officer will take care of the time-consuming procedures relating to visas, permits and licences.

Immigration and PRO Services Qatar

There’s an extremely tight control over the movement of foreigners in Qatar and the issuing of documents such as visas and other permits is subject to stringent administrative procedures. Therefore it is imperative to have someone on your side who possesses an exceptional knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing law, rules and regulations to ensure a smooth and stress-free immigration process.

Our extremely knowledgeable and experienced team offer strategic advice to ensure the most efficient processes are in place.

Below are the services available:

  1. Obtaining Copy of CR
  2. Obtaining Copy of ML (with municipality same as original)
  3. Obtaining Copy of ML

Labor Quota

  • Labour Quota Changes
  • Labour Quota Application
  • Appointment and Attend Labour Quota Meeting


  • Letter Written in Arabic / English
  • Fill in Government Forms
  • Legal Translation From Arabic to English
  • Delivery / Collection in Doha
  • Registering Certificate / Attestation
  • Notorisation of Police Clearance Certificate at Ministry of Foreign Affairs


  • Family Visa (entry + medical + fingerprints + RP + ID Card)

Adding / Removing Names

  • Add / Remove Name from CR
  • Add / Remove Name from ML
  • Add / Remove Immigration Card
  • Add / Remove Activities from CR
  • Add / Remove Activities from ML

Resident Permit

  • Work Visa
  • Medical
  • Finger Prints
  • Employee Contract x 3
  • Blood Group Certificate
  • Resident Permit
  • Private Medical
  • Smart Card
  • Smart Hookumi Activation
  • Renewal of Resident Permit
  • Dual RP (Senior Staff Only)
  • RP Cancellation
  • Change of Job Title

Work Permit

  • Work Permit for Spouse

NOC / Letters / Driving Licences / Government Forms

  • Driving Licence Temporary
  • Driving Licence Temporary

Transfer of Sponsorship

  • First Sponsorship
  • Second Sponsorship
  • Third Sponsorship
  • Business Visa to Work Visa Transfer
  • Transferring RP From Old Passport to New
  • Visit Visa to Work Visa Transfer
  • Transfer of Work Visa

Exit Permit / Multi Exit Permit

  • Multi Exit Permit
  • Renewal Multi Exit Permit
  • Cancellation of Multi Exit Permit
  • Exit Permit (done with smart card)
  • Exit Permit (manually done)

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