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The Big 5 Construct Qatar Event

The Big 5 Construct Qatar Event

We always keep saying that Qatar is a country with an extremely fast development rate, which provides incredible opportunities to those who are planning to start up and grow a successful business. It constantly attracts both people interested in starting up their path, as well as experienced businessmen and investors, who see the ever growing

Business opportunities that the World Cup presents

Everyone in Qatar is looking forward to one of the biggest sports events here, FIFA World Cup, which will be held in November-December 2022 with the final match on 18th December, Qatar National Day. Preparations for hosting the World Cup have already started and continue to introduce incredible opportunities for local, as well as international,

Qatar Opportunities

Being one of the wealthiest countries in the world Qatar is known to be a place of immense opportunities for those who are trying to succeed in a career they’re passionate about in many different fields; including sports, science, engineering, management, healthcare, etc. But when you’re just entering a new field appropriate guidance may be

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“I had some work done by Steve a few years ago and didn’t even know it was Steve that had done the marketing. I met him Yesterday 18-11-09 and when we talked the penny dropped. Steve just does not shout about his massive successes and so I will. I took a failing business on to turn it around and was doing just fine till Steve came along and just accelerated the sales so much that 200 other stores took his marketing up. Group sales up 22% what more could you ask for. Guess which group though. They are still number one in the UK despite the R word their sales just keep going up and yes the marketing Steve put in place still works. With Steve you get corporate marketing and knowledge without corporate red tape.”
Jet Shah
“Our mission to serve the people of Qatar would not have been possible without the commendable assistance and advice of BusinessStartUpQatar. Their support services are REMARKABLE and we’re glad we have chosen such trained professionals to help a startup like us. We’ll recommend anyone willing to start a business in Qatar to select BusinessStartUpQatar for a successful business journey. Thanks for all the support and guidance!!!”
Baiyu Vasukutan – General Manager Qatar
“If you want to set up a business in Qatar this is the firm to use. Your initial contact, Steve Mackie,, is both personable and highly knowledgeable and is support but an excellent network of contacts. Each steps of the process is explained clearly and concisely, and you also receive details of 'things to look out for'. Great man, great company, well priced - do business with them.” Frank Capron Head of Risk and Compliance (CF10/11) at London and Colonial Services Ltd
Frank Capron

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