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Website Content | Content Writer | Doha | Qatar

Website Content | Content Writer | Doha | Qatar

Content Writing For New and Existing Businesses
Content that your new business is operational, next you need to think about promoting your products or services. E-Commerce in Qatar is booming and in order to succeed your website needs to be of the highest quality. But not just your website – indeed the content you publish will make the difference.

Content writing is big business – especially Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content. But there are actually many types of content. These include news/blog pages, social media, industry specific content and visual content.

There is a lot to learn about this field. But don`t worry, our team of experts can advise and assist you. We are knowledgeable about all types of website content and can help you promote your business – new or established – in Qatar.

Below are the main types of content we recommend to maximise your chance of success.

Search Engine Optimized Web Pages
It is without doubt that you need to rank highly in the search engine results pages (SERPs). In other words you want your website to be top of the page. But how do you achieve this? Basically you need to think like your customers. That is to say you need to know what words people type when searching for you or your services. Of course once you know these keywords you can use them in your website pages. Therefore over time this will improve your rankings. Indeed it will attract more traffic to your website and eventually this will lead to new business. Provided that you spend a lot of time researching keywords you can understand your customers.

However, this can be a very time-consuming process so why not let us assist?

Website News Sections and Blogs
Google will rank your website higher if it is relevant to the search requirements someone is looking for. Generally people will visit if their questions are answered. So long as they can find what they want. Therefore if you write this type of content visitor numbers will increase. However in order to keep your website high in the rankings it needs updating often. Especially your blog or news section which needs interesting, relevant and well written content.

Social Media Content
Another important area is social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram offer direct contact with your customers.

However, social media content needs sharing across all your platforms. Why? Because it creates links allowing your website to be ranked by Google. So the more inbound and outbound links your website has the better.

Therefore it pays off to continually update content across your website and social media channels.

Industry Specific First Hand Knowledge
First hand knowledge content is important too. Generally, this refers to case studies, market research reports or focus group results. However this type of content is not suitable for all businesses, for example it may not be so important for online retailers. But for an estate agent it would. Publishing case studies inform readers and build trust which, in turn could lead to new customers and increased sales.

Visual Content
What do we mean by visual content? To explain, this includes infographics, videos, images or screenshots. Given our estate agent example, images and videos are key. In the same way, other websites use infographics as explainers or short step by step videos detailing the buying process. Evidently visual content is very important to attract and retain readers.

Business Start Up Qatar can Assist with Your Online Content Needs
Updating your website with quality content is a huge job.

So why not let Business Start Up Qatar assist? There are many benefits to this approach.

To begin with, we can provide the in depth expertise and knowledge you require in order to help grow your business. Furthermore, we have Qatar based writers who have in depth market knowledge. Additionally being local we can provide a bespoke personal service. To sum it up we are very well placed within the Qatar market.

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