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What is Business Start Up Qatar (BSUQ)?

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BSUQ exists to help businesses set up within Qatar. We are an advisory, information, networking and introduction site, offering a central point of contact for entrepreneurial individuals, innovative start-ups and established businesses with aims and ambitions in the State of Qatar.
We have first-hand experience of setting up within Qatar and are keen to ensure your experience is as smooth as can be. BSUQ establishes, develops and fosters connections and relations between internal and external stakeholders of a business or project such as owners, partners, investors and consultants in the State of Qatar.
The spirit of BSUQ is to help others. If you are new to the region, we can help you to launch your business in Qatar. If you have an established business here, BSUQ can help you to grow it. We operate with complete integrity. Your business is our concern. We can provide information, advise you and connect you with people and businesses that can help.

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What is Business Start Up Qatar (BSUQ)?