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What Is Business Startup Qatar (BSUQ)?

 We'll Show You How to Start a Business in Qatar

BSUQ exists to help businesses set up within Qatar. We are an advisory, information, networking and introduction site, offering a central point of contact for entrepreneurial individuals, innovative start-ups and established businesses with aims and ambitions in the State of Qatar.

We have first-hand experience of setting up within Qatar and are keen to ensure your experience is as smooth as can be. BSUQ establishes, develops and fosters connections and relations between internal and external stakeholders of a business or project such as owners, partners, investors and consultants in the State of Qatar.

Is Your Ambition to Start Business in Qatar?

The spirit of BSUQ is to help others. If you are new to the region, we can help you to launch your business in Qatar. If you have an established business here, BSUQ can help you to grow it. We operate with complete integrity. Your business is our concern. We can provide information, advise you and connect you with people and businesses that can help.

We help you at every stage of company registration in Qatar

If you’re interested to start business in Qatar, it’s very likely that you will need to secure a local business partner. Company formation laws in Qatar stipulate that any foreign business must have a Qatari partner and this local partner in Qatar must hold the majority interest in your business.

company registration in Qatar

Already Established

If you have an established business here in Qatar, BSUQ can help you to grow it.

Our Expertise

Due to our long time experience in many areas we will help you to find the best solution on any issue.

Principles & Values

We operate with complete integrity.
Your business is our concern.


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Business License

There are so many great incentives to start a business in Qatar

Business Partner

If you’re interested in starting a Company in Qatar, it’s very likely that you will need to secure a local business partner.

Immigration & PRO

Our extremely knowledgeable and experienced team offer strategic advice to ensure the most efficient processes are in place.

Data Protection & Privacy

Solutions Four operates the https://businessstartupqatar.com website, which provides the SERVICE.

Legal Business Structures

The law stipulates a total local equity of not less than 51% in any commercial company.

Creative Services

First impressions are everything so why not let our professional graphic designers help you to create a powerful brand that will make you stand out from your competitors?

“Our mission to serve the people of Qatar would not have been possible without the commendable assistance and advice of BusinessStartUpQatar. Their support services are REMARKABLE and we’re glad we have chosen such trained professionals to help a startup like us. We’ll recommend anyone willing to start a business in Qatar to select BusinessStartUpQatar for a successful business journey. Thanks for all the support and guidance!!!”
Baiyu Vasukutan – General Manager Qatar
“If you want to set up a business in Qatar this is the firm to use. Your initial contact, Steve Mackie,, is both personable and highly knowledgeable and is support but an excellent network of contacts. Each steps of the process is explained clearly and concisely, and you also receive details of 'things to look out for'. Great man, great company, well priced - do business with them.” Frank Capron Head of Risk and Compliance (CF10/11) at London and Colonial Services Ltd
Frank Capron
“I had some work done by Steve a few years ago and didn’t even know it was Steve that had done the marketing. I met him Yesterday 18-11-09 and when we talked the penny dropped. Steve just does not shout about his massive successes and so I will. I took a failing business on to turn it around and was doing just fine till Steve came along and just accelerated the sales so much that 200 other stores took his marketing up. Group sales up 22% what more could you ask for. Guess which group though. They are still number one in the UK despite the R word their sales just keep going up and yes the marketing Steve put in place still works. With Steve you get corporate marketing and knowledge without corporate red tape.”
Jet Shah

What is Business Start Up Qatar (BSUQ)?