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If you’re interested in starting a Company in Qatar, it’s very likely that you will need to secure a local Qatar business partner. Company formation laws in Qatar stipulate that any foreign business must have a Qatari partner and this local partner must hold the majority interest in your business.

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Starting a Company in Qatar

While recent law changes have seen some industries become exempt from the business partner legislation, starting a business in Qatar for most will still involve this specific requirement. Although you’ll need to secure a business partner in Qatar in order to operate your new business, your Qatari partner doesn’t need to make any financial contribution – but you will need to evidence that your Qatari partner owns at least 51% of the capital share of your business in Qatar.

Your partner in Qatar can be either a company or an individual – and Business Start Up Qatar can help you to find the right local partner for your new business.

I’ve Found My Business Partner Now What?

When you’ve found a partner for your new business, there are several procedures that you will need to go through.

You will need to draft up an Articles of Association and a shareholder’s agreement between both parties. The articles of association document should outline the business name, objective, period of operation and renewal dates for ongoing partnership. It also needs to include the share capital amount, management structure and duties of the general manager, details about the financial year, dividends and annual audit, as well as information regarding potential dissolution and liquidation.

You and your Qatari partner will also need to make sure that your shareholder’s agreement contains the required information namely a more in-depth look at the relationship between the shareholders (yourself and your Qatari business partner). A shareholder’s agreement with your Qatari partner should include details of governance and management, a guarantee from your partner to share local knowledge and information in return for any partnership fee that they receive and a declaration of your commitment to the business from a technical and managerial point of view. Your partner for your new business in Qatar is also restricted from competing with you in the same industry, in the same country and is also restricted from sharing your business knowledge or contacts and other sensitive information that could be detrimental to your business operation.

When you’re starting a company in Qatar, you will also be required to appoint a general manager who will be given the power of attorney – this appointment should be outlined in the articles of association and shareholders agreement.

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