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What is Business Start Up Qatar?

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Business Start Up Qatar is a central point of contact for creative individuals, entrepreneurial ventures, innovative start-ups and established businesses with aims and intentions or objects and plans in and around the State of Qatar.

Business Start Up Qatar creates and develops connections and relations between internal and external, direct and indirect stakeholders of a business or project (including but not limited or restricted to owners, partners, financiers or investors, advisors and consultants) in the State of Qatar.

In other words, Business Start Up Qatar builds bridges between those who face problems and those who provide solutions or those who need help and those who can help.

Our object and purpose is to advance, enhance and improve the ease of doing business in the State of Qatar.

In our role as “conductors”, we create and develop, initiate, mediate and represent, coordinate, organize and supervise with the stakeholders in the public sector and in the private sector.

We cultivate and educate, promote and support our clients and customers with our arrangements, engagements and involvements.

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What is Business Start Up Qatar (BSUQ)?